Since 2005, Packetninjas has helped businesses in all verticals defend against hacking, uncover electronic attacks and fraud, and provide legally defensible evidence against attackers—all over the world.

Where’s your target?

SocialNet automatically searches common social media outlets for specific actors tied to online identities. SocialNet is a SaaS-based framework that currently integrates with Maltego to provide a robust set of commercially supported transforms for investigators.

Use Cases

Actor identification

  • Actor and association identification
  • Aid in identifying complex money mule operations
  • Easily identify actors to expedite legal processes in investigations
  • Identify other associates of actors to widen scope of investigations

Automated Features

  • Identify actors by email address
  • Identify friends-of actors
  • Search by name
  • Entity Support

    Download the latest SocialNet Entity pack here. (This will also import into CaseFile)



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    Trusted Investigators/Professionals:
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    *Can be billed quarterly if needed

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