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What Is SocialNet?

SocialNet is a transform set for Maltego that searches for identities and maps out groups of people for the purpose of investigation. SocialNet has the ability to search a variety of Social Networks by email addresses, aliases and names, as well as map out friend connections from profiles it finds. It is a subscription based SaaS that is continually supported and improved to provide a robust set of transforms for your investigation needs.

About SocialNet


  • Identify actors by email address
  • Identify actors by alias
  • Identify actors by name
  • Identify connections to specified identities (friends, followers, etc)

Practical Use in the Field

  • Easily identify actors to expedite legal processes in investigations
  • Identify other associates of actors to widen scope of investigations
  • Aid in identifying complex money mule operations

Screen Shots

Searching all social networks by email address. In this case, it found 3 results from different sites.

Now, searching for Jesse's friends returns 262 entities. (3 shown close up)

By searching for the friends of a few of Jesse's friends, we are able to map out an extensive network of people in just minutes. (zoomed out, entities are viewed as bubbles)

Zoomed In

Now, search for locations associated with the found profiles.

Here is an example of SocialNet searching various SocialNetworks for an alias.

Running a transform to get followers of this Social Network account returns hundreds of results.

Results can also be displayed in list view.


Transform Package

For information on purchasing, please email us at

Entity Package

After the SocialNet transforms are purchaced and integrated into Maltego(or CaseFile), you can download the entity package here.